• Support For El Super Workers is Growing!

    One Thousand March Through South LA in Support of Respect and a Fair Union Contract for El Super Grocery Workers

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  • Click the button below to be prepared

    In the United States, every person—whether documented or undocumented has the right to...

  • Sin Justicia, No hay Paz!

    On June 10, the United Latinos of UFCW come to with united voices in support of Justice and a Voice at the workplace.


In the United States, every person—whether documented or undocumented—has the constitutional right to remain silent and to refuse to answer […]

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Women marching against Trump:

Sisters and Brothers Below is a brief translation of the Article that came out in the New York times (Spanish) […]

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What's up next for the Americas?

Join us for a dynamic and interactive discussion taking place just two days after the U.S. presidential election.   Advocates, […]

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Your Vote. Your Voice.

This election will determine who will be our President for the next four years – but there’s so much more […]

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